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Study Reveals Facebook No More A Hit Among Teens

As per the latest conducted survey evaluations, teenagers do not prefer Facebook as much as they are fond of other social media applications.

The study was done in the United States, published by the Pew Research Center, indicated that the teenagers are giving up on using the social media platform—Facebook for other social media applications like Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram.

The survey studied the social media usage by the teenagers and the impact of social media and smartphones access upon the surveyed teens. The study included one thousand and fifty-eight parents and seven hundred and forty-three teenagers.

The results indicated that only fifty-one percent of the United States teenagers between the age range of thirteen to seventeen years use Facebook, a noticeable decline of twenty-one percent was observed from the earlier study which was done in 2015. The teenagers said that they prefer more Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat as compared to Facebook as reported by Gizmodo.

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YouTube was found to be the most popular app among teenagers with eighty-five percent using the video streaming platform. Instagram was the runner-up app with seventy-two percent popularity, whereas Snapchat had sixty-nine percent.

When the teens were inquired which sites they use excessively, only ten percent said to be using Facebook, while Snapchat was used thirty-five percent, followed by Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr with fifteen, three, one and less than one percent.

Thirty-one percent teenagers believed that social media has a positive effect as it assisted them in remaining connected to friends and family, where twenty-four percent thought it to have a negative impact referring to the amount of gossiping and bullying done, and forty-five percent were of neutral opinion—neither positive nor negative.

The number of teens owning smartphones also increased from seventy-three in 2015 percent to ninety-five percent. The differences were also based on the income earned by the households and on gender and ethnicity.

This survey revealed that with the passage of time Facebook might lose its importance to other social media apps.

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