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T-Mobile Offers $300 Off On iPhone X on Trading with Current iPhone

All the top-notch carriers in the United States are launching their iPhone X deals. T-Mobile has also joined hands in these offerings and has made a similar offer very much like that of Verizon and Sprint which is of trading your current eligible iPhone with T-Mobile which in turn would also give you a discount of up to $300 for your new iPhone X.

To avail the offer, one needs to purchase the iPhone on one of the T-Mobile’s installment plans (either the Jump! On Demand rental plan or Equipment Installment Plan).

The value of discount up to $300 depends on the trade-in value of the phone being traded. According to T-Mobile from iPhone 6 or newer ones are eligible for the trade-in except for the SE. The amount with which the trader would get credited would be decided by the carrier after deciding the worth of the iPhone brought for trade-in.

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The charges above the trade-in cost leading towards the discount of $300 would be provided in the form of twenty-four monthly bill credits. For example, if somebody’s iPhone had a trade-in cost of $200 so the person would get that much discount beforehand but the extra $100 would be divided into 24 monthly discount bills.

Most of the carriers offer the chance to upgrade to latest version of the smartphone if one is done with initial twelve months of payment, doing so means that the discounted payments are also forfeited of whatever is left of the monthly discount. So, if someone is planning for immediate upgradation to iPhone X they can avail this offer by flipping their old iPhone by other ways and straightaway buying iPhone X with the benefits.

The different prices offered for T-Mobile’s iPhone X are as follows:

Via Equipment Installment Plan (arranging out the phone’s cost over a span of twenty-four months):

  • 256GB of $429.99 ($30/ month payments)
    Retail value: $1,149.99
  • 64GB of 279.99 ($30/month payments)
    Retail value: $999.99

Via Jump! On Demand (Rental plan):

  • 256GB of $429.99 ($24 a month)
  • 64GB of $41.56 a month

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