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‘Tako’ is a custom AI chatbot developed by TikTok

The most famous and common example of generative AI is ChatGPT. It has been used by several platforms to offer users various AI-based features. recently, we came across information that suggests that TikTok is working on the development of its own chatbot. The company has named the chatbot Tako. It might be introduced to the public or it might not.

This information comes from the source The Verge. The source had access to some screenshots of the new AI chatbot by TikTok. Currently, the feature is not presented to a large number of users. since it is in its testing phase so only a limited number of users have access to it. The main purpose of Tako is to help users find the desired content. Besides this, it can also answer various queries.

The chatbot is presented in the form of a new button just above the profile icon. Once available, users can access Tako by tapping a new button right above the profile icon. Daniel Buchuk of Watchful Technologies was given early access to Tako, he said, “While watching food videos if a user asks for a recipe, he will get related TikTok videos for the recipe, or if someone asks for options of art exhibitions in Paris, the chatbot will display videos as well as a list of suggestions in response.”

Tako’s experience is similar to the one presented with ChatGPT. It is similar to talking to someone in a chat room.  Furthermore, there is no information on whether Tako is based on a patented AI model from TikTok or uses a third-party one.

It appears that the company has no plans for the public release of Tako. According to information from The Verge, the tool is currently available in the Philippines to a limited number of users. it is not available in other regions. Besides this, the company has filed a trademark application for “Tako.” It indicates that TikTok is serious about its AI chatbot.