“Tarbooz Wala”, Pakistan’s New Internet Obsession

The internet these days has a major role as it could even make or break someone and we have witnessed that also from time to time. Someone could get famous in just a span of minutes, on the other hand, someone could also be defamed in few minutes time. We obviously remember the famous “Chai Wala”—Arshad Khan, who won millions of hearts all over when he got clicked at his stall and the picture went viral on social media. Later he was even covered by the local news channels.

Currently, it seems that the internet has started to go gaga over a “Tarbooz Wala”.

As much as everyone would love to see and know that how is the new sensation getting benefit from this craze and sudden fame, so for everyone out there relax as it seems that the guy is not at all interested in taking any advantage out of this internet obsession for him—as he is already studying medicine and would be a doctor soon.

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The name of this commonly referred to as “Tarbooz Wala” guy is Muhammad Awais and he is presently studying at Ziauddin Medical University in Karachi. His classmate cleared the confusion on a social media platform.


The guy had been snapped while he was preparing for iftar with his friends and was mistakenly thought of as a fruit vendor, however, the fact of the matter is no matter what he is going viral like crazy on social media.






Awais even changed his profile picture to the one which is going viral with the caption “Dr Tarbooz Wala”. He is fully aware that his picture is making rounds on social media.

It is apparent that pictures could deceive many times.

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