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Target the Right Investors More Effectively


Are you reaching the right investors? It’s a question that crosses the minds of most public company senior executives. After all, identifying the right investors is crucial to expanding your shareholder base and raising your corporate profile.

Developing an effective investor-targeting strategy starts with identifying the right investors and determining their priorities. By creating your own target list, you can narrow in on those institutional investors who are more likely to pledge to businesses like yours.

Who Are You Targeting?

One of the first things you need to do is figure out who your target investor is. You can start by asking yourself: Who has the funds that I need? What do they want? How will they help my company?

Next, learn how they think. After understanding their motivations and concerns, you can develop a compelling value proposition that highlights why your business is relevant to them as well as why they should invest in you instead of another company in the same space.

Target Underweight Investors

One of the easiest and most successful targeting methods is to look at current shareholders who are underweight compared to a typical position. They have experience with your narrative and segment and can be sized up with the ideal engagement strategy.

Use Data to Translate Investor Behavior

You can translate investor behavior with data by leveraging sophisticated IR analytics tools like engagement analytics. In a nutshell, engagement analytics uses cutting-edge data science to analyze your digital engagement with investors and capital markets in one application. It helps you clearly identify, target, and engage with investors who matter.

Give Them Results

Investors are looking for a good idea, but what they really want is a great company. They want to know that you have a track record of success and that your business model has proven results.

The most powerful way to convince an investor that your company is worth investing in is through the results you have achieved thus far and how they demonstrate the potential for continued growth.

What matters most is that you have achieved positive cash flows and profitability, but it also helps if you can provide evidence of scalability and a strong competitive advantage. The stronger your growth numbers are, the more likely you are to convince an investor that there is money to be made here.

Try Geographical Targeting

There are certain pockets of North America where institutional investors are more concentrated and have more experience with certain types of companies. There can be great opportunities in pockets where you are underrepresented. However, it’s important to think about this on a case-by-case basis because different companies have different footprints.

Use Investor Conferences

One of the most effective ways to get in front of investors is to actually meet them face-to-face. The right investor conference can give you an opportunity to make valuable connections with investors and establish your organization as a strong entity. The key is to focus on the ideal ones and make sure you are ready with a compelling message before you step out onto the stage. Finally, learn how to frame your organization in a fluid narrative. Look at the issues investors wish to address and position yourself as a solution provider.