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Teams Problem: Microsoft is working to fix the problem

Numerous users of the Microsoft communication platform Teams were unable to use the service for hours. The situation is gradually improving and the provider can already provide an initial explanation of what went wrong here. “We’re getting a lot of reports that users are accessing Microsoft Teams and are starting to restore many features,” it was said in a statement from Microsoft.

Exactly how many users were affected by the hours-long outage has not been disclosed. However, the problem seems to be concentrated in certain regions. As the Redmond group further announced, the outage was caused by the installation of new hardware in a data center, where a connection to an internal storage system had failed. This affected the functionality of the device accordingly.

However, an adequate test should not have been carried out here before commissioning, because a serious error such as a malfunctioning data connection should actually be noticed immediately.

Affected Office apps

However, user error messages were not limited to teams. There were also quite a few reports that various Office applications were not working properly. However, this is probably mainly due to the fact that they often work with Microsoft 365 services, especially in the business environment, where teams are an important foundation.

So the disruption didn’t affect Word or SharePoint itself, but the collaboration tools it contained, which communicate via the Teams platform. Although teams are now mostly just working for users, the actual problem doesn’t seem to be solved yet. “We have taken steps to reroute some of the traffic to provide some relief in the area,” the company said. Ultimately, that sounds like a workaround that should first bring the necessary peace of mind before the actual solution.