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Tesla aims to introduce Atari games in 9.0 programming update


Tesla isn’t restricting its fun-situated EV updates to its up and coming party mode. Elon Musk has guaranteed that “some of the best” Atari games will be playable in Tesla autos as a feature of a form 9.0 programming update coming in around a month. The executive didn’t give a full rundown of titles, yet he demonstrated that Missile Command, Pole Position and Tempest would in a perfect world be a piece of the launch, which will make them accessible as Easter eggs.

What’s more, critically, you won’t simply be tapping the screen or twiddling thumbwheels. For Pole Position, you’ll utilize the auto’s driving wheel to drive in the game.

Musk additionally not really unpretentiously implied that more was in progress, proposing those game developers should apply to Tesla to make games that utilize the “center touch screen, telephone and car irl.” in such manner, you could think about the Atari ports as Tesla dunking its toe into the gaming waters.

Despite the fact that you most likely wouldn’t bounce into your Model 3 just to play a game, this could be an engaging method to sit back while you’re sitting tight for a friend in the parking garage.

Tesla is also said to be fighting loses in the business market as it aims to increase production of its vehicles. It is said that the company lost $742.7 million in the second quarter. Elon said that his focus is now shifting on profitability and he will be financing the new factory in China with the help of loans from the local banks. He also hinted to not selling any more shares in the company.

For the first six months of the year, Tesla has lost $1.5 billion, which has raised questions about its long-term viability.

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