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Tesla Autopilot Now Identifies Traffic Cones


Tesla Autopilot now recognizes the traffic cones on the road.

Tesla’s autopilot was skilled at recognizing other cars on the road, but unfortunately, cars are not the only other things on the road. There are certain other things too that need to be looked for. Tesla is quietly launching an Autopilot update that allows its electric cars to detect and display pylons on the road. If one is using Navigate on Autopilot, the electric car would even plan changes for avoiding cones so that one doesn’t have to control around the construction work.

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However, users might be cautious as they are unwilling to rely so much on the feature just yet. As per some early users, they have warned that the Autopilot does not always identify the cones, possibly leading to dangerous lane changes—like navigating one into construction or into oncoming traffic.   

Tesla did remind the drivers that they are required to give attention at all times, so it knows this is not a substitute for being vigilant and active on road.

This still is an important measure for Tesla. It intends to enable full self-driving in the future, and that would require cars that could identify and deal with virtually any object on road.

An apparently small update like this one could lead way towards hands-free driving.

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