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Tesla Bot Optimus a New Update is Here

Tesla bot

Almost two years ago, Tesla boss Elon Musk announced a humanoid robot. The first impressions were not so good, one can even speak of a laughing stock. The electric car manufacturer is now providing an update via video and wants to show that the Tesla bot has made progress.

Optimus, as the Tesla bot is also called, was announced in the summer of 2021, and the first working prototype was shown last fall. However, one could and had to realize at the time that Optimus still had a long way to go – especially when you compare it with “colleagues” such as Atlas from Boston Dynamics.

Because while Atlas can master impressive courses and move fluidly like a human, Optimus was just able to walk and wave stiffly at the audience. But now Tesla has released a video intended to silence critics Electrek reports.

Optimus meets Cybertruck

The video, released at a Tesla investor meeting, showed five new prototype robots performing simple tasks. This includes walking around the carmaker’s offices, and the Tesla bots also walk past several cybertrucks.

While the latest Optimus prototypes don’t break any speed records, and they’re still a long way from the fluid movements of Atlas, one can certainly speak of progress. Tesla also shows how robots are able to recognize their environment and memorize it.

Elon Musk himself continues to promote his company’s robots and says that Optimus is “extremely underrated”. The Tesla boss suspects that demand could eventually reach 10 to 20 billion units. That sounds like science fiction, though, and we’re not sure if it’s a vision of the future that really puts our minds at ease.