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Tesla cars will offer video in future update promised by Elon Musk

Tesla cars are intending to convey games to its electric autos’ giant touchscreens, so for what reason doesn’t it have video playback while the auto isn’t moving – something drivers have needed for quite a long time? Try not to stress, you’ll get your desire soon. Elon Musk has reacted to an inquiry regarding the component with a claim that video playback will be accessible with “version 10” of Tesla’s auto programming.

He didn’t state what administrations would be accessible or when you could hope to see the update, however version 9 (with Atari games) is expected to touch base before the end of August. You could be holding up a while, to put it gruffly.

It’s safe to state that Tesla will put tight restrictions on video at whatever point it arrives. Drivers have just crashed while watching video on stand-alone gadgets, and the exact opposite thing Tesla needs to do is propose that owners can utilize Autopilot as a chance to make up for lost time with TV shows. This would be for long Supercharger stops, or those minutes when your EV is a refuge from the weights of the outside world.

Tesla cars have been trying to move forward from the backlash Elon Musk suffered a few days ago from shareholders and U.S department of security and exchange. Elon went on a Twitter rant to say that he was taking Tesla private and is willing to offer shareholders $420 per share. However, turned out that he did not have the funding secured for the venture and alarmed many investors. Elon and Tesla are now facing lawsuits and an inquiry into the entire ordeal.

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Image via Business Insider UK