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Tesla Cybertruck Production Gets Postponed Again


Tesla’s Cybertruck was introduced in 2019 and the futuristic pickup truck also caused a huge euphoria. The vehicle was pre-ordered (without obligation) half a million times within a very short time – but anyone who actually wants the Cybertruck will have to wait.

As mentioned, the Cybertruck looks futuristic, but that can also be said of its release date, literally. Because it will still be quite a while before the first production vehicle rolls off the assembly line of a gigafactory – the date keeps being pushed back. Production was originally supposed to start at the end of 2021, but the date has already been postponed several times Reuters reported.

The news agency has now been able to find out a new date, namely the end of 2023. Last month, the electric car manufacturer announced that its factory in Austin, Texas, was already being prepared and converted for cybertruck production.

“Last round” of Cybertruck preparation

Specifically, this means that “early production” should start in mid-2023. Elon Musk recently reassured investors accordingly and announced in a conference call: “We are in the final round for the cybertruck.” Whether investors are happy with that is another question. Because if production only really starts in a year, then the Cybertruck sales will not appear in the balance sheets until the first quarter of 2024 at the earliest – if there are no further shifts.

Until then, Tesla also has to answer a number of questions: The company has neither announced the final price for the Cybertruck nor shown the production version of the vehicle. Questions are still open in detail, including information on the exact battery supply for the new model.

The Cybertruck was originally supposed to cost just under $40,000, but that’s unlikely to be the case. Because since 2019, Tesla has already increased the prices for its entire product range several times. For users outside the USA, the vehicle is just a dream anyway. Because in its current form, the Cybertruck is not roadworthy in Europe and many other countries around the world anyway.

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