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Tesla Recalls Model X Cars Having Airbag Issue

Tesla Model X

Tesla has a good ranking in international crash tests and is known for the safety of its vehicles. Now, of all things, there is a problem with the airbags. Younger Model X vehicles manufactured in the USA are affected.

This is reported by the Reuters news agency, referring to an official recall order (PDF). As part of this recall, nearly 30,000 Model X vehicles are scheduled to come into workshops to have their airbags checked.

According to Reuters, the airbag should not deploy properly in certain situations. The recall affects Model X built in 2021 and 2022. The error was only recently discovered and the affected component was improved in Tesla’s production process.

Risk Of Injury

In some model series, the risk of injury may be increased due to the safety standards of the airbags not being met. In the USA, the competent authority (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA) has therefore now published a recall notice.

The agency’s investigations have shown that the calibration of the restraint control module on affected vehicles can result in the passenger airbag inadvertently deploying in certain low-speed collisions. This can be dangerous, especially for small children, according to the recall report.

Tesla has previously commented on the bug, emphasizing that there are currently no “warranty claims, testimonials, accidents, injuries, or deaths related to this issue.”

Reuters notes that Tesla shares fell 3 percent after the recall was published, hitting its lowest level in nearly two years.