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Tesla Shuts Its Production Plant Amid Coronavirus Fears

Tesla has to comply with the asserting pressure from the authorities and stop production in California and New York. However, the company still resists in Nevada.

Monday night, Tesla will suspend the production of electric cars at its main plant in Fremont, California. Local authorities have ordered all nonessential businesses to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. Tesla opposed the order for days and relied on alleged federal regulations. After the local police announced a home visit, Tesla relented.

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Tesla also has to temporarily shut down its solar cell plant near the Canadian border in Buffalo, New York. However, the operation will not be stopped at either of the two locations, as Tesla announced Thursday evening. The company apparently wants to continue producing spare parts for cars, charging stations and solar systems. The US workshops are also keeping open, and new vehicles are also being delivered. However, there should be no direct contact between seller and customer.

In the Gigafactory in Nevada, Tesla would like to have batteries manufactured as usual. In doing so, the company opposes an initiative by the governor of the state. He wants all non-essential businesses to close for 30 days. The local sheriff, on the other hand, considers the Gigafactory to be “part of the supply chain”, which is why it can remain in operation as long as there are no more precise instructions from the governor. Tesla founder Elon Musk has recently been noticed by downplaying the coronavirus pandemic.

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