Tesla Sold 241300 Cars in Q3 Mastering the Art of Competing with the Big World

Tesla sold 241,300 cars in Q3 of 2021, which is 102,000 more cars than Q3 of 2020.

Tesla Cars

Tesla is growing in the world of electric vehicles. The company reported a sale of 241,300 cars in just one quarter – Q3 of 2021. Last year in Q3, the company sold only 139,300.

On the other hand, others are witnessing a drop in the number of cars sold in a single quarter. General Motors, the largest automaker in the US, sold only 446,997 cars in Q3, whereas it sold 33% more in the same period in 2020.

While it is already a known factor that chipsets are one of the major reasons for companies unable to fulfill the demand. Tesla took advantage and look for other sources to cater to this issue.

Tesla cars are fast becoming popular among the masses. Its Y SUV model in the US is already very popular in the country. The company has also started selling the Y SUV model in Europe. Not only that, the company is gaining popularity in China since it established its grounds in the country.

The company is expanding its horizon. It now has a new facility in Austin, Texas, and is hoping to start operating its new plant outside Berlin, Germany. 


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