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Tesla teases a sentry mode that captures videos in 360

Sentry mode

Elon Musk says Tesla is chipping away at a “sentry mode” security feature that could give proprietors a chance to record damage and break-ins. The response came because of a client’s tweet grumbling of a scratch to his Model 3 and proposing a “360 dashcam feature while parked.” To which Musk answered: “Tesla Sentry Mode coming soon for all cars with Enhanced Autopilot.” He later clarified that the update would be available for all EVs with the Autopilot 2.5 Hardware.

Passing by the name – a conceivable gesture to the sentry mode on Iron Man’s Mark 43 defensive layer – it sounds like the component will either be a dependably on dash cam work or will switch on consequently when it detects a blow or break-in to the vehicle. Musk, in any case, didn’t expand on its operations.

Tesla presented 360-degree surround camera sees for autos with Hardware 2.5 as a component of its October programming update. The component gives proprietors a chance to catch dash cam recordings from the vehicle’s front-looking camera, which can be spared to a flash drive that connects to the vehicle’s USB port. Pressing an icon spares a 10-minute clip while holding it down stops recording.

The update likewise taps into each of the eight cameras on each Model S, X and 3 to make a surrounding perspective of adjacent vehicles, alongside including data from the side and back facing cameras for blindspot observing.

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Image via Electrek