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Tesla’s Model S Plaid Plus Goes up by $10,000

Tesla increases prices in its range of electric cars with the most hike of $10,000 for Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S

Tesla increases the price for its Model S Plaid Plus by $10,000. The new price reaches $149,990.

At this hefty cost, buyers will get a 520-plus mile range, a 200 mph top speed, and 0-60 mph runs in less than 1.99 seconds.

For an average EV buyer, the Model Y and Model 3 price increases are more vital. Earlier, Tesla reduced the prices for both cars and then scrapped the most affordable Model Y altogether.

According to information, the Model Y now stands at $49,990 with a slight surge of $1,000. However, the Model Y Performance still stands at $60,990.

As for Model 3, the price reached $37,490, with an increase of $500 for the Standard Range Plus. The mid-tier Model 3 Long Range also gets a raise of $500 and now stands at $46,490. However, the Model 3 Performance stayed at its earlier quoted price of $55,990.