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The 7 Simple Steps for Negotiating Your Mobile App Fees Successfully

Statista estimates that mobile apps will generate about $935 billion in revenue by 2023, up from $800 billion in 2021. This tremendous growth trajectory means as an app developer, it works to your advantage to bite into a piece of this increasingly large pie.

To position yourself to gain the most from your apps, the best negotiation course trainers advise mastering the art of closing deals with a win-win outcome. So, to help you out, this article will go over some simple steps to up your game at the negotiation table.

Understand the main negotiation points

Make a list of the important factors to bring to the table during the discussion. Knowing which issues you have to talk about can help you set the tone for the discussions, and you avoid leaving anything to chance. Some main talking points can include:

  • The value of the app
  • The scope of what the app will do
  • The price
  • Payment terms
  • Delivery timelines

Also, do some research on other successful mobile app deals so you can figure out what to include in the conversation for each talking point.

Show your value

Companies are willing to pay for value. In any potential deal, prove to the customer that your app will add value to their business. Once the buyer sees how the app is going to be of benefit to their business, they may be more inclined to pay top dollar.

Refer to your app’s strong points – for instance, if it will improve profitability or reduce costs. Use well-prepared graphs and charts to illustrate and back up your points with facts. Also, be prepared to confidently answer any questions the buyer may have.

Define the scope of the app

Make sure that you’re loud and clear about what your app will and will not cover from the get-go. Use wireframes and user stories to highlight the extent of the app and relate these narratives to the problem your customer wants to solve.

Consider getting expert help or taking a training course to formulate compelling user stories.

Discuss resource allocation

Having the right resources will cut the time it takes to complete development, which is mutually beneficial. So, negotiate with the customer to avail you of some tools like animation or layout resources.

Talk about the payment terms

To close the deal successfully, negotiate for terms favorable to you that are also flexible for the customer.

Remember, fixed prices may not work in your favor. If you are paid a fixed price, it won’t account for any unforeseen complexities you may encounter while working on the app, which may require you to put in more time than anticipated.

Discuss the position of warranty and maintenance costs

Your customers will want to know how long the app will work effectively and what happens if problems arise later.

Include a discussion on troubleshooting so that each side knows their duties and obligations right from the start. Apps require periodic updates and maintenance to keep things in check. Ensure the customer knows clearly when maintenance is scheduled and the duration of each update.

Talk about the time limits

There will be bugs in the app along the way that will require recoding and fixing. If you don’t negotiate agreeable time limits, you may be tied up on one project for too long. If you spend too long working on a single project, it may interfere with your ability to conceptualize and develop new apps.

Plus, spending more time on a single project can hinder you from taking courses and expanding your skills so you can stay sharp for future projects.

Show the customer that it’s in both side’s best interests to bring in a quality assurance team to spot problems quickly, so you can reach the finish line on time.

Landing lucrative app deals

The above pointers can sharpen your negotiation skills and provide better outcomes. Remember to take matters in your stride if it doesn’t go your way the first time. With time and practice, you have a fair shake at becoming a pro to secure sweet lucrative app development deals.