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The director of business development for Apple Pay leaves the company

In the previous few months, we have heard about a handful of executives leaving the Cupertino-based tech firm. As of now, we have come across the news that the executive responsible for managing Apple Pay business development has left the firm. We are talking about Eric Hoffman who was responsible for the management of Tap to Pay and Apple Pay business development. Notably, the executive has worked for eight years at the company.

A steady exit of executives at Apple is continuing with the departure of yet another executive. According to the most recent information, Eric Hoffman is leaving Apple for uncharted territory. Hoffman left Apple’s Services division in the past week; Mark Gurman informed the audiences about this news in his Bloomberg “Power On” newsletter.

Hoffman has served Apple for almost eight years. he joined the company back in 2014. He was the first external hire that was responsible for building and scaling Apple Pay reveals the LinkedIn profile of the executive. His areas of work included the management of teams for payment alliances, and working with banks, merchants, and FinTech firms.

In addition to this, Hoffman was also responsible for the matters of Tap to Pay. It is an iPhone project that enables merchants to make contactless payments from their iPhones. Thus, eliminating the requirement for additional equipment. Hoffman’s future plans after his tenure at Apple are currently unknown. Hoffman’s resignation joins a number of Apple executives who are steadily leaving the company where four have left in the past two months alone.

Pete Distad (senior director of Video, Sports, and Apple TV+)is another executive who has left the company just recently. He was expected to leave the company by May 2023. Furthermore, Peter Stern (Services VP) and Doug Beck (Sales executive) left the organization. Over the last year, some other officials like Evans Hankey (design lead), Anna Matthiasson (online store VP), Michael Abbott (iCloud boss), Mary Demby (information systems boss), and Ian Goodfellow (machine learning director), have all left for various reasons.

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