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The excellent Waqar Younis

Pakistan has offered some highly talented cricket players. The website in.1xbet.com can be
used to wager on the best cricket matches played in that part of the country. An amazing
name to ever come from that place is Waqar Younis. He played professionally between 1987
and 2004.
He was also a coach of the Pakistani national team. Squads like that are available to wager
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There are many records in Younis’ career. For example, he is among the youngest captains
of an international Test team ever. However, in addition to being a great captain, he helped
his teams with these excellent performances.

A leader in the field

Waqar Younis’ career was a great one from many points of view. He played on many
different squads. Punters can find online cricket betting odds on 1xBet on all these teams.
Some sides that had the Pakistani on their rosters were:
● Warwickshire;
● Karachi;
● Glamorgan;
● United Bank Limited;
● and Multan.

Additionally, he was also a member of the national team between 1989 and 2003. In fact, he
was the youngest captain ever of the Pakistani national squad. Those who follow this team
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During his international career, Younis played more than 80 Test matches. He also played
more than 260 One-Day International matches. This puts him among the most experienced
players in the Pakistani national team history.

A great style of play

Waqar Younis was highlighted mostly for the excellent fast bowlers that he made with his
right arm. During his international career, Younis had an incredible partnership with Wasim
Akram. In fact, when both of them played together they were virtually unstoppable. The
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highly talented cricketers.

The player was recognized for making excellent use of the reverse swing technique. This
made him extremely effective when dealing with all kinds of batters. In fact, thanks to his
technique he obtained quite an interesting record. Specifically, he is the youngest player
ever to take 400 wickets in One-Day International matches.

Sometimes the deliveries made by Waqar Younis were extremely fast. The iOS 1xBet app
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Specifically, the speed of some of the throws made by the Pakistani player was measured at
more than 150 kilometers per hour. This was devastating when combined with his fantastic
reverse swing abilities.

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