The first charging hub for Mercedes-Benz is now open in the United States

As part of a collaboration, Mercedes Benz and MN8 Energy have opened the first EV charging hub in the US. The new charging hub, named Mercedes-Benz Charging Hub is part of the Mercedes-Benz Charging Network. It is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the same city that is home to Mercedes-Benz USA’s headquarters.

The charging hub features the Fastest charging speed

Eight chargers with two plugs can be found on the charging hub. At any given time, the charging hub can charge 16 vehicles. The chargers are supplied by ChargePoint which has a 400kW output. The maximum charging wattage available for electric cars at the moment is 350kW, and only a few models—the Lucid Air, Kia EV6, and Hyundai Inoniq 5—offer this capability. This implies that any electric car now on the market may be charged at its maximum charging speed with these chargers.

The company states that they are dedicated to preserving a future-proof infrastructure that evolves with the speed of change. Mercedes Benz states in the press release that all of its hubs, regardless of the vehicle, are designed to integrate seamlessly with the best charging hardware and software available on the market, including CCS1 and NACS connectors.

Ample facilities are available at the charging hub

The canopy of the charging hub is equipped with a weather cover, lighting protection, and solar panels. In addition to this, there is an uncovered charging spot that is specified for electric vans or trailers up to 26 feet in length. As per the corporation, a 15-foot-tall pylon is “visible from the street” and serves to signal whether the charging space is reserved, in use, or free.

In order to provide consumers with a comfortable experience, the charging hub has a lounge with chairs, refreshments, vending machines, and a restroom. For handicap-accessible vehicles, the charging spot can be found in the immediate vicinity of the lounge.

Exclusive advantages for Mercedes-EQ owners

The Charging Hub can be used by EVs of any brand. However, some of the features and facilities are exclusive to Mercedes-Benz owners. The Mercedes-EQ models’ native Navigation with Electric Intelligence feature and the Mercedes me Charge app’s ‘Plug & Charge’ feature enable automatic charger reservations. This means that Mercedes-EQ drivers don’t need to worry about anything other than pulling up, plugging in, and walking away as their charging session begins, ends, and is paid for. Furthermore, Mercedes EQ cars and SUVs with a model year of 2024 will be given free unlimited charging access for six months.

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