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First look of Nothing Phone (2) is here

One of the most eagerly awaited gadgets of the year will be the latest iteration of the Nothing Phone (1), which was rather popular among tech enthusiasts. We might get a little sneak peek while we’re still unsure of how this phone will seem. We now have a first glimpse at the Nothing Phone (2) thanks to SmartPix.

Despite having average hardware and software, the Nothing Phone (1) managed to stand out from the crowd of phones thanks to its distinctive style and overall forward-thinking outlook. Nothing’s owner and co-founder, Carl Pei, has been working hard to promote this product. Pei also founded OnePlus.

Here is the Nothing Phone’s (2) first appearance

It appears that Nothing’s phones will launch somewhere in the early summer. The company introduced the Nothing Phone (1) on July 12 and continued to promote it through July 20 and 22 of this year. The precise date is currently unknown. You should be wary of this at first glance because we haven’t received any official renderings from the firm.

Sadly, anyone hoping for a significant redesign will be let down. The design variations are not particularly noticeable. The leak suggests that the Nothing Phone (2) will also have a transparent back and many of its components in the same locations as the previous model.

There are some minor variations in the way the parts are organised beneath the back glass. A few of them have slightly varied shapes.

The recording LED’s LED flash is one of the more obvious distinctions. The LED flash has grown and is now oval-shaped. The recording LED is now a line rather than a tiny dot.

The glyph interface is where there is the most noticeable difference. Although the overall shape hasn’t changed much, it is divided, as we can see. The huge piece surrounding the wireless charging coil is divided into five sections, while the section surrounding the camera package is divided into two halves.

Overall, based on this initial impression, the Nothing Phone (2) maintains the Nothing Phone (1)’s general design aesthetic. For some, it might adhere to the aesthetic a little too closely.

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