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The following is what iOS 17 will bring

Apple usually announces new iOS versions at WWDC events. It is anticipated that the company will announce the iOS 17 release at WWDC in June. As of now, the leaked information and rumors about the iOS 17 suggested that it will be a bug-fixing and stability update.

Besides this, some pieces of information suggested that some more features could be coming to iOS 17. Recently, a new post on Weibo emerged. It shows some details of the changes expected to arrive with iOS 17. Previously, the source of the recent information shared the news about a yellow iPhone 14. So we have a good track record here, although it is short.

What’s in store with the iOS 17?

According to this post, the iOS 17 will feature:

  1. Options for font sizes on Lock Screen
  2. A share button for iPhone users’ unique Lock Screen designs
  3. On the Lock Screen, lyrics from Apple Music could be displayed
  4. Design updates for Control Centre
  5. The ability to manually rename App Library folders
  6. The ability to freely alter the flashlight’s brightness slider

Well, this is not something really exciting. However, there are some nice updates like the ability to change the name of folders in the App Library. There are probably more changes coming to iOS 17, and additional leaks are probably coming before the June WWDC. Considering that it’s still a little over a month away.

The first developer beta for iOS 17 will be made available by Apple on June 5 after the WWDC keynote. Typically, the first public beta will be released a month after that. The whole deployment will happen in September usually a few days before the new iPhone is actually sold. It is actually the typical time frame between iPhone’s announcement and launch. 

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