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The Galaxy Watch 5 will cost way more than the Watch 4

We now know the prices of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. As you would expect, these have increased since the previous generation. The standard model starts at 300 euros, while the most expensive Watch 5 Pro is listed at 540 euros. However, these are estimated prices that may change between now and the launch.

The only thing missing was their pricing so we could know everything about the Galaxy Watch 5. This has now been done thanks to the information revealed on Twitter by Roland Quandt, who has hit the target several times in his previous leaks.

The latter thus confirms to us what we know from the list of Affiliated Watches at the FCC: they will be available in three sizes, namely 40mm and 44mm for the Galaxy Watch 5 and 45mm for the Watch 5 Pro, as well as two connectivity options, namely Bluetooth and 4G. Here are the prices that Roland Quandt announced:

  • Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm + Bluetooth): 300€
  • Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm + 4G): 350€
  • Galaxy Watch 5 (44mm + Bluetooth): 350€
  • Galaxy Watch 5 (44mm + 4G): 400€
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (45mm + Bluetooth): 490€
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (45mm + 4G): 540€

Samsung raises price for Galaxy Watch 5

If you have a Galaxy Watch 4, you will surely have noticed one detail: the prices are slightly higher in this new generation. Indeed, the current range starts at 270€, or 30 euros less than the next one. In particular, this increase can be explained by the addition of new sensors, such as the thermometer that can measure body temperature, entering Samsung’s connected watches.

Please note, however, that these prices are currently approximate as they are based on prices from German retailers. Depending on the country, taxes can therefore tip over a few euros. Finally, Roland Quandt reveals the colors in which the watches will be available at their launch on August 10: pink, gray, and silver for the standard 40mm model, blue, gray, and silver for the 44mm, black, and titanium for the Watch 5 Pro.