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The HMD smartphone brand is set to enter the smartphone market

According to some recent pieces of information, HMD is all set to enter the smartphone market as a new smartphone brand. Notably, the company will debut affordable and sustainable smartphones with the help of partners. The partners will help the company with the development process of future smartphones.

HMD will focus on sustainability by offering repairable and upgradeable smartphones. Interestingly, the upcoming smartphones will feature support for 5G connections. Well, this was anticipated, as HMD has been known as the fastest-growing 5G smartphone manufacturer over the years.

Nokia’s partnership won’t end with the upcoming HMD brand

HMD aims to cater to consumer needs. The available information indicates that it somehow resembles the Nokia brand. We already know that for the past six years, HMD has served as the home of Nokia phones. Like future HMD devices, Nokia smartphones are affordable as well as sustainable. For this reason, most users prefer such devices as compared to expensive flagship smartphones.

Nokia devices are quite efficient in terms of repairability and long-term use. They run on stock Android and have several security features. HMD smartphone brands might opt for a similar strategy. Do note that the new brand doesn’t indicate that the partnership between HMD and Nokia is ending. Rather, both companies will work in close association to build up the presence of the new brand across Europe and other regions of the world. Well, this is all that we have learned so far. We will come across more information in the coming months.

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