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The latest patent for Apple Pencil indicates that it could sample colors from real-world surfaces

Apple Pencil Nibs

Apple Pencil is already available in the market. A few reports suggest that Apple might be introducing the next Pencil with amazing features. reportedly, Apple is working on a product that is capable of sampling colors from the real world. After sampling the colors the Pencil can input that similar color onto an iPad. Additionally, the product will offer other excellent features too like the capacity to sample textures.

The recent patent was filed by Patently Apple. It details the characteristics of the Apple Pencil. The document mentions that the Apple Pencil will be equipped with color sensors. These color sensors will be located in the tip of the pencil for sampling the surfaces of real-world objects. Followed by sampling, the Pencil could detect colors. The patent is accompanied by a few images. These images reveal that the product might be accompanied by a built-in light ambient sensor, a light detector [for detecting the color as well as the texture of the surface], and a light emitter.

Similar to other patents, this patent document doesn’t showcase when the product will be introduced. Back in June 2020, Apple filed a similar patent like this one. But in the span of three years, we haven’t seen any such update to the Apple Pencil. In addition to this, the second generation of Apple Pencil was introduced in 2018. Even at that time, there was no clarity on when its successor will debut.

Furthermore, it is being reported that Apple Pencil is now improved with some added features. It is accompanied by enhanced iPad hardware as well as the latest iPadOS features. For instance, the latest M2 iPad Pro is equipped with the latest feature known as Apple Pencil hover. It enables iPad users to hover the pencil all over the screen of the iPad to locate where actually the Apple Pencil will touch the display.