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The new iPad mini could be smaller than an iPad Air

Apple to release a new iPad mini which is said to be smaller in size than an iPad Air.

iPad mini

Apple is already working on a new iPad mini which is claimed to be a smaller iPad Air. In fact, the new images show that this upcoming iPad mini is the shrunken model of iPad Air.

iPad Air vs iPad
iPad Air vs iPad mini 6

The images added here are built based on a blend of schematics, CAD files, and hands-on images. These are not images from the company itself.

There’s no home button on this new device, which narrows. According to a tipster, this new iPad mini will almost be of the same size as the old one, with a slight difference of 3mm in both height and width.

According to the tipster, the new iPad mini will have dimensions equal to 206.3 x 137.8 x 6.1 mm.

We also learned that the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the elongated power button, while the speakers have been further improved. There will be no Lightning connector, so that it will be using USB-C.

It is also expected that this device will support a newer and much smaller Apple Pencil. In addition, the Apple A14 chipset would power the tablet. There will also be a version with 5G connectivity.

This new iPad mini would come in three color options – silver, black, and gold. The launch is expected before the end of this year.