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The next Huawei model might come with 3 lenses and 40MP camera

Camera servers nowadays a product in a product, the growing culture of selfie and camera usage makes it a top priority for mobile manufacturers to feature the best possible cameras in their flagships.

However, Huawei cameras are already awesome; if you have used the Huawei best available phones you must have an idea of that. But what coming next is the next level of mobile cameras, Huawei’s P-series seems to take the mobile camera to the next level.

Evan Blass has spotted several Huawei PCE series ads on the internet which specifically target mobile camera. These ads show camera capabilities up to 40-megapixels with triple-lens. The camera would have 5X optical zoom as well as 24-megapixels selfie camera.

The company collaborating with Huawei in building cameras is the same one which co-engineered cameras in Huawei Mate 10 and P10 models. Leica has already made Huawei be one of the favorite companies which integrate great cameras in their mobile phones, the case of Huawei P10 and Huawei Mate 10 is pretty obvious.

However, Huawei has not commented on the ads when contacted and Evan Blass claims that the creative agency which works with Huawei has posted these ads, so we should take them with a grain of salt.

Blass claims that the next model in Huawei P series is assumed to be Huawei P11 after Huawei P10 presuming that Huawei P10 had remarkable camera capabilities with dual lens 20MP and 12MP rear and front camera respectively, but if we consider these rumors as true then we can expect Huawei P11 would be significantly upgraded to the next level.

Still, to watch the triple-lens Huawei cameras, similar comparability can be extracted from the difference between a single-lens camera and dual-lens camera. The triple-lens camera would definitely do better than the dual lens cameras in order to produce quality images that are sharper, less noisy, color corrected and much more.

The ads also indicate the “Pro Night Mode” feature and Artificial intelligence capability. Pro night mode will help users to take sharper images in low light conditions. Instant scene recognition and auto framing and processing would be done with AI integration.

It’s worth mentioning that Huawei Mate 10 already use AI for all these functionalities which is also co-developed by Leica.