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The second most popular desktop browser is Apple’s Safari


StatCounter is a web analytics service. Recently, it shared some interesting data regarding the most popular desktop browser. As per the information, Apple’s Safari has surpassed Microsoft Edge. It has become the world’s second most popular desktop browser.

In accordance with the data provided by StatCounter, almost 11.87% of desktop computers around the globe use Safari. It is 0.87% ahead of Microsoft’s browser i.e., Edge. The first position is held by Google Chrome. It accounts for 66.13 percent share. In contrast, the fourth position is secured by Mozilla Firefox with a 5.65% share. The current full rankings appear as follows: Chrome 66.13%, Safari 11.87%, Edge 11%, Firefox 5.65%, Opera 3.09%, and IE 0.55%

The statistics favor Apple in contrast to the last year when Edge ruled out Safari for second position by a slim margin of less than one percent. This is because Microsoft’s redesigned default browser for Windows 11 has received generally favorable reviews. The revival of Apple in browser wars indicates the significant increase in international Mac sales during the last year irrespective of the supply chain issues throughout the year. In Q4 2022, the Mac revenue of the company hit $11.5 billion due to the increased sales of ‌M1‌, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, and M2 chips. It was up by $2.5 billion year over year.

Macs made $40.1 billion overall in fiscal 2022, an increase of $5 billion over the $35 billion they made in fiscal 2021. Half of Mac buyers in Q4 2022 were new to the product line, greatly increasing the exposure of macOS and Apple’s built-in Safari browser.

Despite Safari’s growth, it has made very little headway in catching up to Chrome. Chrome remains in first place. Google Chrome has an unbreakable hold on the market, with a share that is down just 0.51 percent from the last year. On both the macOS and Windows operating systems, Chrome’s popularity has largely not decreased.