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The US-China trade war might have cut down Apple’s profit

US-China trade war

Apple bringing down its profit guidance by an incredible $5 billion is presumably a major enough marker that the tech giant is feeling the impacts of battling cell phone deals and the US-China trade war. Another Nikkei report makes it significantly clearer that the tech giant isn’t invulnerable to market saturation, however: According to the publication, Cupertino has requested that its manufacturer make fewer iPhones than planned for January to March. Apple is purportedly cutting the general production target of both old and new iPhones, including the XS Max, XS, and XR, by around 10 percent.

According to one of Nikkei’s sources, “the level of revision is different for each supplier and depends on the product mix they supply.” In addition, the tech giant apparently told suppliers to lower its manufacturing target even before it adjusted its earnings guidance.

Nikkei says that as opposed to going ahead with its arranged production of 43 million units, the organization is decreasing its objective number for the quarter to 40 million iPhones. Those numbers are essentially lower than the 47 to 48 million units Apple initially needed to produce for the initial three months of 2019. Cupertino most likely settled on that underlying objective dependent on past deals, seeing as it sold 52.21 million units inside a similar period a year ago. However, because of the US-China trade war, every market is facing slow sales and downsizing.

In November 2018, Nikkei likewise revealed that Apple dropped a planned production increment for the iPhone XR. At the point when asked about reports that Apple’s affordable cell phone is a flounder in an ongoing meeting, however, Tim Cook said those reports aren’t valid and that the XR
“has been the most popular iPhone every single day” since it launched.

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