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The web version of Microsoft Office enables users to add images from their Samsung phones

Technology makes our lives easier. This is a common saying, and we are hearing it for a long time now. But what is so unique about this saying is that it is actually making our lives comfortable and convenient. We are witnessing and enjoying the ease it provides us in our daily lives.

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. Most of the time we spend with our smartphones. And when it comes to our work, we rush to our smartphones to help us with our work. In doing so, some users find it difficult how to convert data from their phones to their desktop PCs or laptops. They find the hassle of a connected cable way too difficult.

But the good thing is that without using a connecting cable our phones can be paired with Windows PC. To avoid the hassle and enjoy unlimited and convenient transfer of data from phone to PC, add your Android smartphone as soon as possible. Microsoft has come to save you.

Microsoft is going to introduce a new feature that lets you add an image from your phone. this feature will be added to MS Word and PowerPoint web apps.

How to add an image to an MS Word or PowerPoint web app from your Android phone?

Follow the given steps to add an image from your phone to web apps of MS Word and PowerPoint.

  1. Click on Insert
  2. Select ‘pictures’
  3. Click on the option of ‘Mobile Device’
  4. Choose the file or document of your choice
  5. The image will get inserted

Using your phone’s camera, simply scan the QR code on your PC screen.

Visit the Google Play Store to download the Windows app for MS Word and PowerPoint. Afterward, pair your android phone with your work account. Follow the instructions as given on the screen. Once the account gets connected you will have access to photos on your computer. Now you can easily navigate, select and insert the image of your choice.

Two important things to be considered before using this feature are:

  1. Have an active subscription to Microsoft 365
  2. Your PC should have v104.0 or later of the Firefox browser

Additionally, the feature will gradually roll out to Word and PowerPoint web users.