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Things you must know before starting content development and content marketing

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Many internet experts argue that blog will solve the content marketing problems. Generally speaking you must have heard that blogging will increase traffic, it will help expanding your audience, engage more consumers and finally help in SEO and link building. Strictly speaking, blogging is hyped a lot that every marketer thinks its just necessary to blog and get benefited from the offerings it may provide but the real question remains unanswered. How to blog and how to create space where your blogging can fit in? This question puts you in another dimension and gives you a new angle of looking things that aren’t clearly visible. But if you can see things through this telescopic question then you might create the difference.


Answering this question will definitely help you create your blogging content that would be extremely popular in the desired circles.


Do not focus on increasing traffic

If your focus is just to increase traffic somehow then you put yourself in a bee’s nest where everyone is buzzing around. You will increase your traffic but that traffic may not be very helpful in a long run.


Focus on retaining traffic

There is lot of difference in increasing traffic and retaining traffic. If you simply keep on adding content into your blog that will eventually increase traffic. But if you keep on focusing on retaining traffic then you will have to do something different.

Create content that speaks

The only way for retaining traffic is to create the content that speaks itself. There might be lot of content out there that adds value but providing something that creates value is the game changer. The following factors would make the content standout in the crowd.

1- Knowing what consumer needs

It really takes time, effort and research on consumers to know what they want, what they need, what are their problems, how their problems can be solved, how to increase their knowledge and understanding. Content that is focused around consumers is loved most.

2- Solving consumer’s problems

Problem solving content gets favorite as quickly as you make tea. But solving problem may not be as easier as it looks.

3- Enhancing consumer’s knowledge

Another content type is educational which is heavily recognized by the people. Studying in a community college and studying in one of the top 10 universities in the world has lot of difference in between. Make your way, you want to be a community college or top university?

If you are successful in creating content that speaks itself then increasing traffic, retaining traffic, engaging consumers and SEO will come after you. People would link back to you voluntarily.

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