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This 5G enabled Nefon Q20 Ultra comes for Rs 5,499 and is a scam

Beware! Don’t buy this 5G-enabled smartphone – the Nefon Q20 Ultra. This is a scam that comes only for Rs 5,499 in India.

Nefon Q20 Ultra is a scam

We have been receiving 5G smartphones for a while now, and 4G is slowly stepping out of the market. Taking advantage of this change, many smartphone manufacturers are rolling out devices with lower price tags. A similar thing was seen in India when we heard of this Nefon Q20 Ultra. The device is powered by 5G technology and comes only for Rs 5,499. “Darn too cheap! I a going to get at least two,” some might react. But hold on.

A recent post from Tarun Pathak, director of Counterpoint Research in India, alerted 5G fans not to buy this device; he suggested this is just a scam and nothing else. There are several reasons for his warning, which could be highlighted as under:

  • We never heard of this Nefon brand.
  • This brand has no presence on any popular e-commerce portal.
  • The company is giving huge discounts; Rs 5,499 for a device originally priced at Rs 13,999.
  • There’s an additional discount of Rs 1,000 when the device is paid via Paytm, debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets and net banking.

Buying a device like this could lead to serious troubles. These scammers could steal your personal data and use it with bad intentions or simple wipe up your account.

As advertised on several platforms, this Nefon Q20 Ultra is by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, comes with 8GB RAM, a 64MP quad-camera setup, a 32MP dual front camera, and a massive 6,000mAh battery. Knowing a device with these features and huge discounts would already alert you. The rest is said by Tarun Pathak. Stay safe and vigilant, and spread the word with your network.

Source: MySmartPrice