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This useful Telegram function may be stolen by WhatsApp

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is a popular app with a large user base, it lacks the features that it requires to remain competitive. However, Meta is turning the tables the other way with its developments in the Messenger application. The reason WhatsApp has taken over without even having those advanced features is that it kept fulfilling our basic communication needs. WhatsApp is developing a game-changing feature that could improve its fortunes. WhatsApp is currently preparing to launch a feature that will let users pin messages in a conversation.

Pinning messages in a conversation

As highlighted by WABetaInfo, this Meta-owned messenger application is working on pinning a message in a conversation. The version for this will be WhatsApp Business Beta for Android. You need to update your device to the latest version of the app if you want to use the feature of pinning messages.

This feature can work in a workable way for our group chats or in business groups. It also helps to keep the important discussion at the top, which will keep the topic highlighted. The topic will remain pinned and will be quite easy to read by recipients, even if they view the group after a day or two. By pinning important messages, new messages will be prevented from rushing up.

Although not a new feature, it has been available on Telegram for nearly a year. Telegram lets you pin more than one message in a conversation. On the other hand, Signal doesn’t provide support for this feature, as it is limited to pinning important chats to the top. Anyone in a group chat, as in Telegram’s implementation, could pin a message. Other than this feature, WhatsApp is also planning to enable its users to share high-quality pictures without damaging their quality.

However, the feature is in process, but there’s no proper deadline for when it will be released to the public.

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