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This website will create a human that does not exist every time you refresh it

The website “This person does not exist” creates a fake human face which doesn’t exist on earth, would you believe it by looking at the smiley face in front of you? Well I was surprised as well, the website uses a neural network algorithm which generates a face which actually doesn’t exist at least on earth.

How This Works

The website uses neural network algorithm codes a facial image from scratch and 512 dimensional vector, Philip Wang said on Facebook on Feb 12, Wang said, he has created a website to spread awareness about the researchers at Nvidia of what they have made after working for 2 years.

It is based on Nvidia’s state-of-the-art AI technology called StyleGAN which is a neural network that can detach the aspects of an image in order to create new images. The Nvidia engineers say the neural network is so diverse not only can it create new faces but also the cars, bedrooms and even cats.

Tyrion Lannister found in Pakistan? watch his exact lookalike

If you try the website and refresh it few times all the faces you will come across will convince you that someone with the exact same face exists or this is the real picture of somebody but that is entirely a fake face, you may find someone lookalike on the globe but the exact faces you find on the website are nowhere but inside the system.

The software StyleGAN is available on GitHub, you may use it to experiment with different things, some people have tried it for creating architecture, old artwork etc. However, the system requires strong processing power and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) in order to use cloud services. Watch the video on how the system works;