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Tips to drive sales with content marketing efforts before events like Christmas

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Yes you can drive sales with Content marketing efforts, it can play a vital role in driving sales. Public holidays and special occasions like Christmas are favorable conditions for digital marketers to make most out of them and boost their sales. With careful planning and execution digital marketers can be very successful. Because Christmas is a global occasion it drives tremendous amount of traffic into the search engines having almost same interest and search patterns. Now the marketers who are conscious enough to grab this opportunity would definitely focus on their content and deliver the right content through right channels.

1- Make a content plan

Planning is the first and most important step in devising occasional short-term content strategy. This includes what, how and when the content should be marketed.

what: decisions have to be made on what type of content has to be created. articles, videos, product reviews, pod-casts, info-graphics, memes, guides, lists, email content. It is estimated that email marketing has been very successful in events like christmas.

How: decisions on which channels to market the content. It can include all available channels or selecting some most appropriate channels like; email, Facebook, blog, twitter, pinterest or any other that can make the difference.

when: decisions on when to start the marketing campaign is important. Starting too early would put the consumers on hold and may be forgotten. And starting too late will also wipe out the audience which may had the potential to convert. from 10 days to one month is the effective time slot for launching the campaign. Also keeping paydays in mind would help a lot.

2- Review your content

In the phase of content development it is necessary to review what content which is going online. Also doing some extra research to get new ideas and tactics will play an important role and shaping and finalizing the content.

3- Make use of images

Images always create consumer’s interest and engagement. Using great Christmas images within the content would send clear Christmas message to consumers. Some consumers might be in a thinking process of what should be bought. Inducing consumers with images and story-lines would make up their mind to go for the product.

4- Improve your SEO

Research on trending keywords is important in this phase especially if your content is web based excluding email. Trending keywords in the content would drive more traffic and will result in more sales.


5- Shout for discounts and offers

This is the time ‘Christmas’ to shout for your offers, people are more attracted towards discounts and offers. The content should be highlighting the discounts and offers in a way that people must realize the offer is the real win win situation.

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