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TomTom Reverts Price Increase


The navigation and map provider TomTom is a veteran of the industry but has come under increasing pressure in recent years from free competition, especially Google Maps. TomTom recently raised prices significantly, but now there has been a backward trend.

In the pre-smartphone era, you could hardly avoid a stand-alone navigation device, but this is hardly necessary nowadays, as most people also use their mobile phone in the car – either directly or mirrored on the vehicle’s display. Nevertheless, Tomtom also offers an app called Go, which certainly offers various advantages, because TomTom has been in this business for many years and decades.

Prices quadrupled in some cases

A subscription for Tomtom Go is relatively cheap, but the Dutch manufacturer caused confusion and annoyance among its customers at the beginning of the month. Because the prices were initially multiplied. New iOS subscribers should pay eight instead of the previous two euros for a monthly subscription, and six months should cost 24 instead of nine euros. If you wanted to stay loyal to TomTom for a year, you should transfer 40 instead of 13 euros to the company.

However, that was withdrawn within a day and the price was reduced to four, twelve or 20 euros. Or rather, it was announced: Because, as Golem writes, the adjustment was not implemented on iOS despite the announcement – at least until today, because the corrected prices are now also available on iPhone.

The pricing is still confusing: Because Play Store / Android and App Gallery / Huawei users still pay the original prices, so the subscription has not become more expensive for them. In addition, the manufacturer’s website no longer provides information on prices, which are sometimes difficult to find.

On Android, for example, you can only find out what a subscription costs if you want to take out it – but not in advance, be it via the website or via the app description in the Play Store. It is to be hoped that TomTom will completely revise this and ensure more transparency and fairness between Android and iOS.