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Top 5 Jobs in Artificial Intelligence in 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the present and future of technology.

According to partner, data and analytics lead at KPMG Brad Fisher, “Companies of all sizes and types are increasing their spending on emerging technologies to improve the customer experience, increase efficiencies, find new ways to leverage the growing amounts of data available and, above all, stay competitive.”

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Here are the Top 5 Jobs in Artificial Intelligence in 2019

Artificial Intelligence architect

For scaling a business’s Artificial Intelligence, AI architects are extremely important, but not many people are skilled in it.

Fisher said, “AI architects are skilled process engineers who are responsible for looking at business processes and determining where AI can be injected successfully. Furthermore, they oversee AI models over time to ensure it is operating as intended and removing mundane tasks.”

AI product manager

Fisher said, “An AI product manager serves as a liaison across several business teams to ensure solutions are successfully implemented and can be deployed at scale. They also work with human resources to identify organizational changes to achieve optimal performance.”

Data scientist

The job of a data scientist is to analyse complex data and make it understandable.

Fisher said, “With the ever-growing amount of data available to businesses, there is a shortage of experts with the skills to clean this data, and then design and apply the appropriate algorithms to glean meaningful insights.”

 Software engineer

According to Glassdoor, “Software engineers write, debug, maintain and test software that instructs a computer to accomplish certain tasks, such as saving information, performing calculations, etc. A software engineer will convert what needs to happen into one of many programming languages.”

AI ethicist

The role of an AI ethicist will continue to be of utmost importance as the time passes by.

Fisher said, “These professionals are responsible for establishing AI frameworks that mirror the company’s standards and code of ethics and ensuring these guidelines are upheld.”