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Top 5 Office Design Trends in For Startups in Pakistan

As per Apple’s co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs “Design is not just what it looks and feels like, the design is how it works”

When it comes to design there as two important aspects to look at, how it looks and feels like and how it works, the later ignites more innovative approach. When you think of designing a workplace for your startup or if you are an entrepreneur who wants to design and polish the office same way you have polished and designed your business idea here are few trends you can look at:

Hiding wires

Since you cannot make your office completely wire-free but you can manage to hide the wires as much as possible. Wires look messy and weird, however, everyone knows that there is a need for wires in every office for so many purposes like; electricity, Internet. The way you hide the wires will truly give the feel of how innovative you are at designing your office.

Multipurpose workspaces

No hard and fast rules, the change comes over time, you must have seen cubicles still heavily used in an office environment but multipurpose workspaces can serve multiple business purposes at the same time. From a multimedia presentation to a casual breakout area every space is designed for a specific purpose.

Offices organized by colors

Office organized by color not only makes it more colorful but also it will organize your thoughts. There are several studies that indicate the colors boost happiness, creativity and productivity. Your office can also be optimized with different color combinations making it more attractive and suggestive.

Community tables

Community tables reflect the culture, it helps to make your office culture more cooperative, interactive and social. The community tables have been a significant object for centuries a symbol of kinship, collaboration, and alliance. Organizing your office with community tables will bring in more integrity and dignity.

Flexible layouts

The new office trend is heading towards ending the permanent layout where everything was fixed and there was no room for change. You may change your office time to time which flexible layout giving you the opportunity to make improvements. How would you feel if you turn up on Monday morning and the entire layout of your office front is changed? It will give you a sense of innovation, change, and improvement.