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Top 6 Reasons why your website: is not converting traffic into customers

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Elements of website traffic conversion

Converting traffic in an online format is difficult. People’s buyer behaviour is interesting and sometimes complex to be completely understood when the website is not converting there is a need for thorough analysis. The online buying attitude is changing rapidly as technology advances this needs proper attention to acquire customers. Many online businesses do not focus on the elements that are essential to convert traffic into prospects regardless of their valued brand, products and services. Below are the top reasons why the handsome amount of visitors is not being converted.

website traffic conversion
Elements of website traffic conversion

1- Not appropriate content that converts

Website content plays a very important role in conversion; the content on the website has to be very powerful and should create the reader’s interest and engagement. Here comes the requirement for information need analysis. Conduct Information needs analysis INA to take it as a tool and analyze the requirement for information that is needed on your website. You can include your competitors in this phase, how they are producing their content, what information they are providing on their website and how you can provide information differently that click user. Content is believed to be the best salesman of your product and services in an online environment. Keyword stuffed, boring and too much descriptive content wouldn’t show any results.

2- Design, look and user experience is not up to the mark

Most of the online users admire website design and features and rely very much on the appearance of the website. Website design is another very important element in this regard. User-friendly website with elegant design and features would definitely increase your brand image and reliability. Remove the common obstacles such as; poor design, complex usability and delayed response.

3- Products or services are not clearly described

A number of people when they are after some product or service; search for the information they need to know about a particular product or service and how could that fit their needs. Finally, the buyer chooses the product or service which has clearly demonstrated all the aspects. Product’s image, price, attributes, features, user’s guide and more; covering all the relevant information and putting it together in a way it creates the desire for visitors to go for it is the real technique you would have to learn and apply. web traffic

4- No phone number or instant contact option

Many people like to have a chat with the concerned person when they need to learn more about the product or service especially when they are in buying mode. For instance, if a visitor visits your site and liked a product but what to learn more about it and his preferred contact option is through the phone and you don’t have a phone number on your site, would be a disaster for you. Similarly, many people might prefer chat over the phone then missing chat option would be another disaster. Finally, late email responses would be the end of the world in this scenario.

5- No social proof or less active on social media

Social media has gained widespread popularity in all circles whether the businesses are online or offline they have to be socially active in order to create a positive image on all stakeholders. Now there is a growing trend to analyze the website through social media (Learn more about social media presence). When people come across a website they are more likely to check their existence on social media and relevant activities there. If you do not have social media accounts for your brand or have just created social accounts without filling them up with recent updates then you seriously jeopardizing your credibility in the visitor’s perspective. Being socially active with great pictures, content and updates would give you an edge that eventually helps in converting traffic into prospective customers and clients.

6- Security assurance

Almost 95% of online buyers are concerned about security but another fact is; people ignore security warnings 90% of the time. They explore the payment options and choose the secure payment option for their purchase. Some people may rely on any form of payment but many others are much conscious about payment security. On your website, you need to consider the payment options whether they are secure enough or not. In addition to credit card processing, you should always have other secure options for payments such as; Paypal, Google checkout, Amazon payments etc….

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