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Total Number of iPhones Sold To Date is 1.5 Billion


iPhone since its inception had been a Gimmick for users, every time there is a new device or model out there the users would do anything to get the new device in their pocket. Some say people fall in love with iPhones once they start using them, but still, the iPhone is out of the reach for many.

According to the statistics Apple has sold as many as 1.5 billion iPhones to date, the company had sold 1.39 million units in 2007 when iPhone was launched.

Here is the list of iPhones sold units per year;

2018: 217.72 million

2017: 216.76 million

2016: 211.88 million

2015: 231.22 million

2014: 169.22 million

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2013: 150.26 million

2012: 125.05 million

2011: 72.29 million

2010: 39.99 million

2009: 20.73 million

2008: 11.63 million

2007: 1.39 million

Total: 1.5 billion

It seems the figures are quite promising for Apple, but there is a catch, the above are the total number of iPhones sold in the market and not correlates the total number of iPhone users, the active iPhone users could be a lot less than that.

According to Google, they have over 2 billion active Android users at the moment, this means Android usage is much higher than Apple’s iOS and iPhones. Apple’s performance started declining from 2015 onwards after the intense competition by Chinese manufacturers. Apple is the first company in the world which has sold over 1 billion smartphones in this era