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Traffic Violators to Get Challans at their Homes

In an attempt to stop the violations of traffic rules in the city of Islamabad, the traffic police of the city have introduced another step under the Safe City Project. As per details, if anybody would be found violating any of the traffic rules and regulations and escapes owing to the reason that no traffic warden is present on the site, the traffic rule violator would then be receiving a ticket or challan at his/her place of residence.

The police would be making the use of already installed cameras along with the speed camera in this matter which as per authorities has also been installed in the city. So, everyone better get cautious before breaking the law.

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The authority announced the launch of the new measure on its official page on Facebook.


The initiative is definitely a good step taken by the Islamabad Traffic police, but, there are still questions regarding the effectiveness of the step. Some of the questions include that if an individual is from another city and breaks the law then how would the authority be sending him the ticket? Secondly, if somebody is making use of a fake number plate and violates the law then how would the ITP send the challan, let alone how would his original house be found.

Sometimes people do not even live at the provided address as recorded at the ETO because of changing residences. How much the ETO’s record is updated this is another concern.

In the past few months’ time, the Islamabad Traffic Police has launched many programs and initiatives for the residents of the federal capital for educating them and to give them safe and secure travelling experience within the city.

The authorities have introduced Pak Secure, Virtual Driver Training Simulators and E-ticketing system in the city of Islamabad.

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