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Truth Social: The launch date of Donald Trump’s social network has been announced


Donald Trump is considered to be primarily responsible for the storming of the US Capitol, which occurred yesterday a year ago. He was then blocked on Twitter and the then president lost his favorite medium of communication. Now Trump wants to start his own network.

Trump is looking for a medium to communicate

After being banned by Twitter, Donald Trump had great problems finding a platform on which he was still allowed to publish something and which reached enough people on the other. He tried, for example, on a blog, but he broke off this experiment after exactly two posts. Now he wants to build his own social network, Trump and his team announced the plans for this last fall. The network known as Truth Social has already been extremely successful with investors; Trump claims to have raised more than a billion dollars.

Starts on Presidents’ Day

There are still many unanswered questions about Truth Social, but an important one can now be answered, namely when it starts. Accordingly, the network will be available on February 21st. Truth Social will initially start on iOS, which can be found in the entry in App Store from Apple. It is not known whether and when the network will also be available on other platforms. One can assume a web version, but Truth Social has not yet had an entry in the Play Store for Android. The date is certainly not a coincidence, as Presidents’ Day is celebrated in the USA on this day. The fact that the network looks like a Twitter clone is also no coincidence. Exactly a year ago, the short message service responded to Trump’s false claims about the US election and asked him to delete three tweets, which soon became a permanent block.