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Try out these cool features in Android 8.0 Oreo

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Google is pushing Android 8.0 Oreo to Nexus and Pixel gadgets. Google’s gadgets will be the main ones running the new programming, specifically for some time. What’s this Oreo update about, in any case? Everybody thinks about the huge stuff, similar to picture-in-picture and autofill applications, yet significantly more is going on the off chance that you look further.

Firstly, Google has changed the area and appearance of the home screen widget picker a few times, and Oreo brings yet another adjustment. This one may make utilizing gadgets considerably less demanding, however. All of the application’s widgets are open with a long-push on the application symbol. This works in the application drawer and additionally on the home screen.

The long-press menu is a similar one that shows pending notifications through notification dots, one of the prominent changes to Android 8.0.

Less notable is the symbol that resembles four little squares. That is the widget shortcut. It’s at the top of the popup for applications that have launcher shortcuts, yet it has a full line with a name on those that don’t. Tap the symbol (wherever it might be), and a panel shows up at the base of the screen with simply the widget or widget for that application. You can long-press and drag any of them onto your home screen.

Android 8.0 accompanies another heap of changes to background processes that keeps applications from draining your battery dry. There’s a major catch, however: These background limits are authorized just on applications that target the new API level in Oreo.

How to get the navigate this setting in Android 8.0?

To roll out this change, open your system settings and go to Apps and notifications > App information. Discover the application you need to adjust. On the information screen is a link to battery use. Tap that, and you can kill the flip for Background activity.

Android is awesome at conveying a huge amount of data in notifications, however you would prefer dependably not to focus on a notification promptly. In Android 8.0 Oreo, you can snooze notifications until some other time.

When you get a notification you need to snooze, slide it exited or right, however don’t swipe it away. Tap the clock symbol by the notification, and it will be snoozed for 60 minutes. Around then, it flies up once more. You can likewise change the hour clock to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or two hours by hitting the drop-down alongside the hour snooze indicator.

In past adaptations of Android, the “unknown sources” permission was all win big or bust. Either every application on your phone could introduce applications as sideloaded APKs, or none of them could. Android 8.0 changes that to make sideloading a pre-app setting. It’s more secure, beyond any doubt, but on the other hand it’s somewhat of a torment to manage.

In the event that you download or get to an APK with the aim of introducing it in Oreo, the phone will give you an error and send you off to a menu to change your settings. You can find this menu in Apps and notifications > Special access applications > Install unknown applications. Applications that have attempted to open APKs will show up here. Each has a settings screen where you can toggle unknown sources on and off. This keeps maverick applications from trying to introduce APKs by hijacking your taps.

Oreo has plenty to keep you occupied when you factor in all the shrouded features.

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