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Twitter testing new features encourage conversations and status

Twitter has never been a friendly place for conversations, it can be anything from trolling to harassment and from bullying to defamation. But some people love Twitter this way so they can express themselves exactly how they like.

Twitter is now focusing on channelizing more positive conversations, to do this the company has been experimenting with new features that are inherently focused on initiating more positive talk on Twitter.

One of the features highlighted during the tests includes conversation starter questions like “Who is the most inspirational person in your life and why?”

And “Did anyone understand the last episode of #gameofthrones?”

In a talk with FastCompany during the event “Media outlet” in New York this week, Sara Haider, Twitter’s director of product management said, “Initiating a conversation or joining it can be hard, I do not always know what to say and where to start but I wanted to say something.”

She also tweeted about the company is currently testing conversational features.

Twitter is also experimenting on different notification features, the company is testing the status indicator so people can see whether the person is online or offline, busy or doing what?

More features including a coded color conversation and reply from below the tweet are also being considered, users can see the conversations from people they follow in a different color making it easier to follow more popular conversations, Twitter might add a reply filed just below the Tweet as well, when you will scroll down your feed, you will see a new field with the button reply next to the like button.

Twitter might be making this change for the new users as they sometimes overlook the tweets and do not realize that they can reply to the tweets by taping the conversation button.

It is not clear when Twitter will roll out this entire change, also we can expect slightly different features that we have mentioned here.