Twitter Update: Now you can get more space as ‘username’ is no longer counted

Twitter Update: more characters to tweet

Users can now get more space with this new Twitter update. The social media company has finally announced that usernames won’t be counted any longer. A 140-character long tweet now has a BIGGER space.

Twitter was initially counting usernames when replying to a tweet. This often became a trouble as the user has only 140 characters to reply. And the username further shrinks this length making to hard to add a reply.

But not anymore.

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On Thursday, the Twitter update was finally rolled out which they promised a year ago. From now on, when you reply to another’s tweet, that person’s username wouldn’t be counted towards the allotted 140-characters.

Earlier, Twitter also shared their plan of expanding characters to 10,000. This news was first broken on Re/Code platform.

140 characters sound less as others have been providing much bigger space. But if analyzed, Twitter has been working smartly:

  • No one has time to read long posts just to learn that they have wasted their previous few minutes. Users on the internet usually scan a content and if found interesting, then could read it.
  • Less words have often more power than long speeches, only if used wisely.

Did you know you can mute unwanted tweets?