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Two Crypto Platforms Attacked By Hackers, Stole Millions

crypto stolen

In the past few days, several users who invested money in crypto assets have made decent losses. Because two platforms reported that attackers had stolen some of the amounts managed there.

Over the weekend, the BitMart trading platform admitted that attackers had overcome the security systems. However, the site’s operators did not directly notice the incident themselves. They were only made aware by the security company Peckshield that unusual amounts of transactions were flowing.

BitMart put the loss after initial analyzes at around 150 million dollars. Peckshield assumed a larger amount here. Because Ethereum transactions alone were recorded with a value of around 100 million dollars, plus another 96 million dollars in values ​​should have flowed out of the Binance Smart Chain, as well as 20 tokens from other systems.

BadgerDAO tricked by a script

However, BitMart was not the only platform with decent losses. Larger values ​​are also said to have been lost on the BadgerDAO financial platform. This is about $120 million in total. A single transaction of 896 Bitcoin is said to have the largest share of this, which currently corresponds to around 43 million dollars.

According to the operators of Badger, the attack is said to have taken place via a script that someone smuggled into the user interface of the website. When users triggered a transaction here, the recipient address in the input form was simply exchanged for the address of the attacker and the transaction overview was manipulated in such a way that the viewer did not notice it. The script is said to have been active for the first time on November 10th. However, it did not run continuously – in order to avoid a hasty discovery, it only switched on briefly at some time intervals.