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Uber Announces To Go All-Electric By 2040

Leading online ride-hailing service Uber has announced that it will switch all its vehicles to alternative energy by 2040. According to the details, Uber Technologies Inc. has said in a statement that it will spend $800 million on its drivers by 2025 to convert all its vehicles to electric.

According to Uber, the company will convert existing vehicles into battery-powered vehicles through its set budget. Earlier, Uber said in a statement to the company in February that it had 500 million drivers in its network.

It is also worth noting that in the United States and Canada, Uber drivers of electric vehicles will receive an extra dollar per trip compared to drivers of ordinary vehicles.

Major changes are expected in the auto industry following the recent plan announced by Uber, and these changes are being predicted, especially in Europe. There is also a program of agreements with global companies that provide charging for electric vehicles to increase the number of charging sites. On the other hand, Uber’s rival company Lift in the United States has already announced that it will convert all its vehicles to electric vehicles by 2030.