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Uber Got London License Back for 15-Months

Uber has won the legal proposition on Tuesday for restoring its operating license in London after a judge overturned a previous decision and granted the ride-hailing company a fifteen-month permit.

The London’s transport authority barred the American company of its license last September in midst of safety concerns, however, Uber appealed the verdict and was permitted to continue operating while the case was in hearing.

At a hearing session, Uber’s lawyers convinced a London magistrates court judge that it has improved its ways.

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Judge Emma Arbuthnot wrote in a thirteen-page ruling that Uber has provided proof to the court that it is now proper and fit and hence the license was granted to the ride-hailing company.

The judge agreed with the transport officials’ decision for blocking the license renewal last year, however, she said she has considered “the new governance arrangements” presented by Uber.

Arbuthnot further said that a shorter span fifteen-month license would permit the authority Transport for London (TfL) to evaluate that how well the ride-hailing firm has addressed the issues.

Tom Elvidge—the General Manager of Uber in the United Kingdom said that the firm is happy with the decision.

As per his statement, Uber would continue working with TfL in addressing their concerns and for gaining their trust, while facilitating the customers with the best possible service.

Sadiq Khan—the London Mayor said that the judge has corrected his officials’ earlier decision and now the company is on probation.

After years of providing poor service in London, Uber has agreed that the decision taken by TfL about refusing to renew the license was completely justified.

Uber’s fifteen-month license has a clear set of conditions that TfL would carefully be monitoring and imposing.

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