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Uber Sacked More Than 20 Employees Over Harassment Case—Reuters

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According to Reuters, CNBC and other media houses Uber has fired more than 20 of its employees after an internal investigation.

Former Uber Engineer Susan Fowler published a blog post earlier this year in which she criticized Uber and said that Uber has failed to solve sexual harassment and gender biases complaints.

Later, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took the action against the claims and directed for investigations into the claims.

Uber gave the task to Perkins Coie a law firm to investigate more deeply into the previous claims and complains. The law firm investigated 215 claims at Uber where no action was taken in 100 instances.

Not all of these claims involved sexual harassment—there were other cases like discrimination, retaliation, gender biases and others. The spokesperson told that the 20 plus terminations were based on variety of the claims and not all based on sexual harassment.

According to CNBC the terminations of employees included all levels, from top to bottom including some executive level employees. When the terminations were announced CEO was not at his office as he was with his family in California due to a tragic accident and death in the family.

Another separate investigation is being carried out by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Next Tuesday a summary of the report by Holder will be discussed at meeting.

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Sexual harassment is only one side of the picture, Uber’s leadership has been accused of many unethical behaviors in the past such as political ties in recent months, clashes with drivers and several conflicts with regulatory authorities.

Harassment In Pakistan

It has been observed and informed by Uber employees that they receive several complains about sexual harassment in Pakistan. Uber drivers and employees in Pakistan should be regulated with ethical behavior, it is the duty of the company to moralize the behavior of their employees. 

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