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Uber Technologies: The new mobile app is out for an update

Uber Technologies - New App

Uber Technologies, no matter what their drivers do, is not going to quit developing technologies.

The ride-hailing company on Wednesday rolled out an upgrade to their mobile app. Travis Kalanick’s new app would help drivers with better route guidance. The new features include; (1) lane guidance, (2) next turn previews, (3) real-time traffic information, and (4) a night mode for better results.

Uber Technologies’ new app is available both for iOS and Android mobiles. With these new features, drivers will not be required to switch screens to and fro for navigation.

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Maya Choksi, a senior product manager said that the upgrade would be convenient for drivers. However, in the past, a big recorded complaint from drivers was the small text size in the app. Where earlier the company had no control over this, now the drivers can rely on the update. Maya said that the company has more control over its mapping stack.

However, the new app isn’t perfect. They still have some glitches. The navigator will not re-route if a there’s a traffic ahead. The company is still working on these minor glitches.

“We’re are still learning, we are getting tons of driver feedback,” Manik Gupta, Uber’s Map Product Head, said.

While the rollout launched today but would take some time to reach mobiles, Uber Technologies announced that Zoubin Ghahramani is Uber new Chief Scientist and will be working with Uber’s AI Labs. Zoubin, like Gary Marcus, joined Uber as the company acquired Geometric Intelligence.

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